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Plumbrite Solutions is a locally owned and operated business based in South-East Queensland. We offer our extensive clientele base the assurance of quality plumbing works, completed by licensed and comprehensively trained staff. Plumbrite Solutions values health and safety, and is committed to providing a safe work environment for all our staff, visitors, clients and members of the public. 

Whether installation, consultation or maintenance and servicing is required, our team is dedicated to producing quality workmanship which will exceed your expectations.

Plumbrite Solutions is customer focused and we pride ourselves on providing the latest knowledge in regards to plumbing technology, hydraulic engineering and Australian Standards. We continually strive to improve our services and become industry leaders; improving our relationships with clients, contractors, suppliers and regulatory bodies. 




Plumbrite Solutions culture places specific emphasis upon experience, workmanship, capability and quality. The management team of Plumbrite Solutions places major importance on determining client needs and expectations and how we measure this level of satisfaction to ensure continual improvement. We ensure superior customer satisfaction through stringent quality management plans, inspection test plans and a company-wide commitment to quality. This ensures longevity and protection of our clients' assets and allows us to provide quality assurance.


Utilising knowledgeable and trained staff as well as the combined expertise of the Director, Managers, Supervisors and the Quality Assurance Team is an integral part of achieving the Quality Objectives. Plumbrite Solutions ensure that all work completed is regularly inspected and assessed against the highest standards to ensure the continual improvement of our Quality Management System which is accredited to ISO 9001.




Plumbrite Solutions values the health and safety of its people and is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for all our staff, subcontractors, visitors, clients and members of the public. Health and safety risk management is an integral part of our core business activities as is regular development to improve systems and procedures as per our Safety Management System which is accredited to ISO 45001. Plumbrite Solutions strive to achieve zero harm by integrating a positive health and safety risk management culture through all levels of the business.

Our team undergo regular specialised training and verification of competency assessment. Solutions staff are trained in the following specific qualifications; Working at Heights, Elevated Work Platform, Confined Space Entry, First Aid, CPR, Q Fever Vaccinated, Electrofusion Trained, Construction Industry Inducted.






Plumbrite Solutions is committed to minimising the impact of our operations on the environment in accordance with the Environmental Protection Act 1994. This commitment ensures our successful business operation and brings peace of mind to our clients.  We commit to implement systems that minimise our business’ activities on the environment which falls in line with our Environmental Management System which is accredited to ISO 14001. We achieve this through our everyday processes such as product selection, design of containment systems, staff training & awareness and technological advancements.

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